Magic happens when you nourish your mind, body and soul. Freedom comes when you adopt daily practices and self-care.

Living an amazing life begins with your mindset. You become what you think most of the time. When you become more aware of your thoughts, words, feelings and actions, you can shift them. Get clear on what you want in your life and you will evolve.

"Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."

- Jim Rohn

You feel stuck and would like to move forward in life, but don’t know how.

You have tried various things, but they didn’t work out.

Small Steps to a
Better Future

Making conscious choices and taking small steps of self-care, you hold the key to your dreams and fulfilment.

Rather than aiming for perfection, we will design an authentic life that fits YOU.  Break away from the demands of the To-Do lists and enjoy more time of BE-ing.

Empathy and connection are two of my strength. Intuitively I sense the emotions of those around me and anticipate their needs. Through my clear guidance and support, you will discover your own inner strength.

Are you ready to develop new habits?

Are you ready to take action and transform your life?

Are you ready to maximize your health and happiness?

YES, that's ME. Great let's talk.

Boosting your confidence, become more charismatic, and impactful. This holistic package for a self-discovery journey will bring you back to SHINE. It is a 12 weeks on- and offline adventure. These practical tools you can use in everyday life, without feeling overwhelmed.

Personalized Assessment
6 private coaching sessions
Private Facebook group
Videos and pdf files
Inspiration via WhatsApp
Bi-weekly Q & A sessions in the group

This is for you if you are on a mission and want to get back on track fast.  It is especially tailored to your needs to maximize your outcome. Releasing what is blocking you, and reshaping your future. You will get clarity to thrive personally and in business, leaving you energized and transformed to take action and BE FREE.

Personalised assessment
Weekly or bi – weekly private coaching sessions
On demand support via email or WhatsApp

Intensive individual coaching

This is a get away for yourself – 7 hours coaching – 30 days accompaniment.

We develop a new version of yourself by recognizing old structures, your heart’s desire and how you become a conscious creator.

We can examine several areas of your life, discover new ideas and build some positive habits, that will impact your whole life.

Personalised assessment
7 hours coaching just for you
Daily inputs and support for 30 days afterwards

Small habits done continuously and with accountability buddies will boost your momentum to move on with new ideas and actions. Every way starts with a first step.

Private Facebook group with live sessions
Checklist & PDF forms
EFT video
Inspiration via WhatsApp