From thorns to fruits

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Pulling weeds. It’s part of having a nice garden. Luckily most weeds are not deeply rooted and are fairly easy to pull. On the other hand, some are a real pain and we have one in our garden. It’s an unwelcome blackberry bush. Its thorns scratch like you wouldn’t believe and it looks a mess.

Trying to find the main roots seems impossible. They pop up everywhere. Despairing I bought a chemical liquid from a gardener and he assured me that would help. So far we’ve killed two beautiful maple bushes and some other valuable plants and the blackberry bush keeps coming back strong and wild. We’re still digging and turning the earth over year after year and have not yet found the main root. By the way, it doesn’t even have any berries.

Talking of berries; where do you have some deeply rooted beliefs or behaviour that don’t bring any fruits?

Maybe you have been turning over your own earth of thoughts and beliefs like me, and found some roots are so deep that it’s hard to get rid of them.

Speaking up, is one of mine. At school when I was asked a question I blushed bright pink. I felt the heat in my whole body and I felt ashamed. It was so annoying, because regularly I knew the answer, and desperately wanted to share and contribute. But, I didn’t; only because I felt embarrassed coloring up.

Are you holding yourself back, because of an old belief or an experience from childhood?

Later I became more confident but still didn’t share my thoughts and feelings, worrying what other people might think or say. This root is so deep that it has been showing up again and again and again – like our blackberry bush.

Maybe you have or had some similar experiences? Circumstances and situations that keep repeating themselves, because you haven’t found the roots yet.

The Persian Poet Rumi said so wisely: “Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.”

For a long time I looked at the wrong end. I searched and struggled my way through the bush of thorns. It was painful, but all those tears I’ve cried helped me to strengthen my roots.

NOW I’m willing to speak up, showing vulnerability and sharing my deeply rooted story in order to inspire others and perhaps YOU?

The guidance and support I had over decades helped me to acknowledge what was deeply buried in the subconscious mind and kept triggering me. As these patterns often get passed on from generation to generation, it’s worthwhile having a closer look.

Today is my dad’s 89th birthday and he never had the courage to speak up. The roots of worry and anxiety were far too strong. When I told him about my speech he said: Yes, I could never have done what you’re doing and my mother added. “And your dad was exactly the same”.

I encourage you to put some gloves on. Dig deep and break the pattern. Find the roots that are hindering you from becoming who you really are and then – enjoy your beautiful garden with the delicious fruits of your life.

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